What is the Center for Clinical Advancement?

HCA Healthcare TriStar Division is proud to support division-wide professional development through the Center for Clinical Advancement. The Center for Clinical Advancement in Nashville, TN provides HCA Healthcare TriStar Division physicians and nurses the opportunity to hone their clinical skills in a state-of-the-art simulated learning environment. 

This innovative educational center includes classrooms, meeting spaces and six high-tech healthcare simulation and observation rooms. The life-like patients are able to mimic scenarios ranging from blood tests to birth, and some are designed to allow nurses to focus on specific symptoms and conditions like a stroke or heart attack. Nurses also use real defibrillators and oxygen, and are able to practice documentation in order to make every encounter feel as real as possible. There are also smaller, more specialized simulators that allow students to practice CPR, tracheotomy and catheter skills. All of the equipment, supplies, processes and technology are exactly how you would find them within our hospitals.

This educational center also supports one of the region's largest Nurse Residency programs in HCA Healthcare. Through repetition and standardization of processes and skills, the training we provide at the Center for Clinical Advancement develops confidence and competence in a supportive, interactive environment to ensure our future patients receive the highest quality care possible.

To learn more about the HCA Healthcare TriStar Division Nurse Residency program, or to apply for the program, visit their website.

Center for Clinical Advancement at a glance:

  • 13,000 square feet
  • 9 low fidelity simulation beds
  • 6 high fidelity simulation encounter rooms 
  • 3 instructor control rooms 
  • 2 conference rooms 
  • 2 debriefing rooms